Enter the Age of Adventure

30 years has passed since the ceasefire between the empires of Rozarria and Archadia and the fall of Lemures, the floating continent. When Lemures fell from the skies, the Mist over Ivalice shifted, revealing new lands that had once been thought unreachable. This discovery led to an abundance of people venturing out to explore and map out the new world and with this, the Age of Adventure began.

With the rise in adventurers, some felt the need to organize. This was the birth of Clan Decurion. Their name soon became known far and wide as a group of jack-of-all-trades, journeying to distant lands in search of adventure, treasure and glory.

Our heroes begin their own adventure as hopeful initiates of Clan Decurion, not yet having made a name for themselves. The story starts in Amatejo Port, one of the largest trading hubs of the Rozarrian Empire and one of Clan Decurion’s most famed recruitment locations.

Age of Adventure